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Nayles is a multi-talented MC, Producer and DJ from the East Coast of Canada. Since 2008, He has 5 studio albums under his belt which feature some of Canada's Hip-Hop elite. He has shared stages and toured with major label artists such as Cypress Hill, The 2 Live Crew, Styles Of Beyond, Naughty By Nature, Classified, The Beatnuts, Masta Ace, Lupe Fiasco, Crooked I, Jeru The Damaga, J-Live, Army of The Pharohs and many more.
Now living in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada, he's at it again! Nayles is taking this entire album on all by himself. From the production to the scratches to the mixing and mastering, Nayles has hit a new plateau becoming a more well rounded Hip-Hop artist.
His newest LP is called "Underground" and it is just that. A classic Boom Bap album featuring Craig G, Pawz One, Ruste Juxx, HeadTop, Tarrish Potter and more. It is scheduled for release Dec.21st 2020 under Lab Rat Records (UK) The "Underground" album is produced entirely by Nayles. The genre is primarily Classic early 90's style Hip-Hop with heavy drums and has a lot of Blues, Funk and Jazz influences.
With all the negitivity surrounding the Hip-Hop culture, Nayles message in his songs are all about real life situations and staying true to himself in hope's of reaching today's youth to stear them in a positive direction.
He has also completed a scratch EP called “The Tables Have Turned.” The album is a collection of 8 tracks that will make any DJ jelous. His persice cuts, heavy aggressive drums and quick switch ups will leave you pressing rewind.

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